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Our Aims

Focusing primarily in London, Home Counties and the South East of England, we have a committed vision of expansion and development in which we aim to have 400 homes under management by 2016 and over 1000 within the coming decade.


We’re committed to developing sustainable communities in challenging, high density areas. Kinsman aims to provide mixed tenure and mixed-use development with focus on providing excellent housing support and community development.


Our Operational Objectives

  • To improve communication with our customers

  • To improve the delivery of services to our customers

  • To improve consultation with our customers

  • To increase the satisfaction of our customers

  • To work with our partners to ensure best value and outcomes for our  customers

  • To exceed the Performance Standards set by our Regulator

  • To support our Committee and Staff through continued training and development

  • To ensure our activities and decisions are underpinned by sound financial management

  • To implement the detailed operational objectives outlined in the annual Internal Management Plans

Our Values

In everything we do, we will strive to be:

  • Honest

  • Open

  • Accountable

  • Supportive

  • Creative

  • Innovative

  • Fair

  • Responsible

  • Trustworthy

As an organisation we value:

  • Our Committee and Board Members

  • Our Staff

  • Our Customers

  • Our Partners

We will work with others who share our Vision and Values in a spirit of partnership, collaboration and co-operation.

Important Documents

Below are a list of important documents (click to download PDF):